Who we are

“Beyond the Value of Luxury”

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Exclusivity and Excellence

Pregio Immobiliare is the result of over twenty years of experience in the brokerage sector, born following the joint action of the three founding partners: Tony Alberga, Piero Castelletti And James Fusillo.

We are a company specialized in the sale and purchase of luxury properties.

To go “beyond the value of luxury” means knowing how to satisfy a demanding clientele in search of beauty and the exceptional, it means offering an exclusive and impeccable service.

The project started from Monopoly. With the opening of offices in Bari And Cisternino it has extended to key territories in the Apulian real estate market. The seat of Milan allows us to have a direct connection with Northern Italy and continental Europe.

The Co-Founders

James Fusillo

James Fusillo

Entrepreneur in the construction and real estate brokerage sector, his mantra is value.

Tony Alberga

Tony Alberga

Innovative professional, motivated by the goal of bringing people back to the center of the real estate process.

Piero Castelletti

Piero Castelletti

Residential sales specialist. Experienced HR trainer. In real estate since 2001.

prestigious real estate office entrance

Beyond the Value of Luxury

Pregio Immobiliare is a composite company
from professionals dedicated to real estate management,
at the sale and al marketing.

we develop a value defense plan
of your property

we value the real estate assets entrusted to us

with us, buy and sell with peace of mind

Do you know the value of your property?

With our procedures, we will be able to provide you with the exact evaluation,
because Pregio Immobiliare knows the market.

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